Monday, March 14, 2011

Sister Wives Season 2 Episode 1

They're baaaaaak! And, now they are famous. We know this because that's all that Kody and the wives are talking about during the entire first episode. They are talking about how they are going public and the consequences to their family. How they are on the "Today" show and CNN and others. How Christine likes the attention and how it leaves Kody tongue-tied. How they are being followed, and how "bloggers" are talking about them. Ah oh.

And, simply, how they are taking it all in. The one thing everyone has forgotten is that THE SHOWS HAVE ALREADY AIRED. WE ALREADY KNOW ALL THIS. THIS IS BORING. This show was obviously filmed right after the first season was filmed, and right before and after it aired. The whole show is mostly about this, and I found myself playing "Montezuma" on my iPad to escape the boring that is the Brown family.

Other things to note from the first episode:

1. All the kids are going to public school. I'm glad the Brown family is being supportive of public schools. Only the oldest daughter remains in private school.
2. The family entertains themselves with "ice blocking." Basically, you sit on a block of ice and slide it down a hill. OK.
3. Robyn has never been to New York.
4. I can't tell you which kid belongs to which wife. There are too many. I do know that Truely belongs to Christine. I saw the birth last season! 

Other than the fact that Kody has three too many wives, and the wives have a weird sisterly-but-jealous relationship ... this family is fairly normal. I must admit that. They are a boring, normal family. Watching them would be like watching me. I get up, go to work, deal with homework, watch TV, blah blah.

The interesting thing here is the dynamics between the women. What makes them stick this out? What are they getting out of this? What is it about these women that makes them OK with sharing one man? How different can each relationship really be? Is polygamy degrading to women ,,, or not? That's what is interesting. If the producers are going to make a show of the family picking a school or speed-racing on ice down a hill ... count me out.

We'll see what happens next week.

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