Monday, March 14, 2011

Jersey Shore:GT and Find Out Who Sammi is Texting

I'm really, really tired of all the poop on Jersey Shore. For the last few episodes, we had to watch a stopped up toilet gross out the gang ... and even the plumbers. Although the plumbers didn't gross out Snooki. Nothing does.

Then, Mike decided ... as a prank I guess ... to feed the dogs everything he could find in the house, including old pizza and some peanut butter ... and then let the dogs roam the house doing their business.

And, then Sammi back bringing all of her s...poop, and I've about had all I can take!

BY THE WAY, I GOT PRANKED BY Y THE JERSEY SHORE PRODUCERS. I wrote in the last blog that I thought there were problems in the Jenni-Roger paradise because of the promos for the shore. Turns out, the car the gang thought Roger was doing the "dip" ... trying to escape them to avoid being seen with another girl ... wasn't even Roger. He's been a good boy.

In this episode, Pauly D and Vinny go to Staten Island to visit Vinny's family. Boring and lots of food.

Although Ronnie and Sammi have been getting along for a week or so, you knew it couldn't last. The bump in the road comes in the form of a guy named Arvin. Arvin tells Mike while they are at the Club that he is supposed to meet Sammi there. He even has the texts to prove it. Mike can't wait to spread the cheatin' news ... and there's hell to pay. Sammi calls Mike shady, he calls her a few choices words (as does Ronnie), and it's all over. Sammi says they are just friends, Ronnie and the other guys don't believe it. "Girls don't have guy friends," says Vinny. Really? Jenni? Deena? Snooki? I beg to differ.

I can't wait until next week. Plus, just in my own opinion, Sammi probably didn't mean anything by it but she shouldn't have been contacting other guys if she wants to be with Ronnie. She knew that would set him free.

Until next time ...

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