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Jersey Shore Recaps: Depression, Cousins and Cheese

Jersey Shore/Recaps — The Great Depression, Kissing Cousins and A Cheesy Situation

I’ve been terrible about updating my “reality TV” blog, and have actually only been blogging (or planning to blog) about one show right now. I promise to get more focused.  I’ve been lazy (#1 reason) and unfocused (#2 reason) due to some personal issues.

However, I will soon blog again about “Sister Wives,” and I’m going to try to find some other shows to blog about. I do love reality TV, and I do love to write … I have to learn to combine them better.

The Great Depression

Sammi is gone, and Ronnie seems to sink into a deep depression. It doesn’t help that the girls are on Sammi’s side and guys are worthless when it comes to cheering each other up … so Ronnie just pouts around.

The girls decide to “clean up” Sammi’s stuff. I think they think it will make Ronnie feel better, but I guess he actually wants her mess in his room. He made it; he should clean it up. Ronnie continues to call Sammi, send her flowers and attempt to do all the right things to get her to come back.

Deena tries to cheer Ronnie up … not sure about that. Run, Ronnie, run! Deena also gets falling down drunk in this episode, if I remember correctly, and thinks everyone is picking on her. Mike calls her a “slopapotamus” … which I think is funny. She probably didn’t think it was funny watching the episode later.

Deena is the newest member of the Shore gang and, without a doubt, my least favorite. She is just “yuck” and has no filter when it comes to making good decisions, finding men, saying what is appropriate, whatever.

Go away Deena.

Kissing Cousins

Snooki finds out that several of the guys she has “hooked up” with while at the Shore house either know each other or are related to each other. Can this show get any more disgusting? Can Snooki? Oh, I think she can. I think they call can.

And, apparently, I’m not the only disgusted by it as one of the guys, Nick I think, stood Snooki up on a date when he found out about all of her hook ups.

And, this is the girl on the recent cover of Rolling Stone magazine. I don’t even know what to think about that. I blog about her, but I am no one. Rolling Stone magazine has an image, a reputation, a history … does this make her legitimate? Does it mean she is somebody? Does it mean girls aspire to be like her? I saw a young girl on the Maury Povich show (I was off work one day) … who was making a terrible reputation for herself in her neighborhood by sleeping around and her mom wanted some help. Her hero? Snooki.

I just don’t know. She is famous. She is a party girl. She is on TV. Is she iconic? Is she admirable? Does it matter? She is interesting and ridiculous. I don’t want my daughter to be anything like her, but does she entertain me? Yes.

Anyway, back to the show. Mike pranks Snooki and Deena by sending them on a taxi ride to NYC. They seem to have fun while they are on the road trip, but they are pretty pissed at Mike when they return. He cut into their party time.

Ronnie, Pauly and Vinnie get ready for dinner. Mike is taking too long, so they leave him at home. Poor Mike had to go get dinner and eat by himself. I actually felt sorry for him. Next time, he better hurry. Lesson learned.

A Cheesy Situation

Sammi returns. The girls seem happy, and are ready to party! Shocker! As Pauly says, “I don’t feel any different” when Sammi returns. Ronnie can’t even speak.  Sammi tells him he looks pale and he zings her with “I feel like I just saw a ghost.”

They go out, and Ronnie is, literally, following Sammi around. He tries to hold her hand. She practically “shoo shoos” him away with a “go have fun” or something like that. I can’t believe that Sammi has the strength after all her crying. However, she wants him to feel pain and suffer as she has … OK then.

In other pranks, Sammi, Ronnie and Snooki (after a night of partying sober) decide to prank Mike by putting cheese in his bed. He brings home a poor, unsuspecting girl (what is wrong with these women??) … and he thinks it is her.  He thinks she smells like cheese and gets her out of there quick. Nobody tells him any different.

Next week:

I THINK next week is the final episode and it looks like Jenni’s friend, Roger, may be cheating on her. I think she’s been the sane one this situation and faithful to her friend. Kinda hate that for her.

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