Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jersey Shore'/Should We Just Break Up?

Sammi asks this question of Ronnie over and over and the correct response, the audience shouts, is YES. You two should break up. However, that's not really the answer Sammi wants. She wants his devoted, undying, declared love. But he's a guy, he's young, he's from Jersey, he's not the brightest bulb ... so she ain't going to get what she wants.

Sammi is sad is some ways. I do think she really loves this guy. He did do her wrong in Miami. She does have trust issues. I think she has the right to have those issues. But, if she wants to be with him, she's going to have to learn to trust him again. Or end it.

Is anyone else as sick of these two as I am?

I'm also sick of Snooki. Her ridiculous search for men is beyond pathetic. She is not going to find true love in bars and in bed with guys she barely knows. She hooks up with some guy in this episode who is almost a stalker and might even be engaged. Who are these guys in Jersey? And, better yet, who are these girls? They are like they are from some other planet. I don't know people like these people. Never have. Not even in my college days.

Pauly D looks like the good guy in this episode. He's actually nice to someone who was a stalker of his last year. He even invites her over and then does the right thing by sending her on her way after a visit. Thank you Pauly for sparing us another stalker event.

I need another show to watch.

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