Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jersey Shore Interesting Summer/Where's The Beach/Free Snooki

It’s Going to be an Interesting Summer

Poor Sammi. She’s like a wounded animal, and everyone is pouncing on her. Ronnie may love her but he doesn’t know how to defend her. She doesn’t know how to be “one of the girls” right now. She’s so in love and so pathetic. It’s hard to watch.

Another thing that is hard to watch is Deena. She is practically throwing herself at Mike, and he’s having none of it.

And Snooki. Whatever.

I’m having a hard time blogging about this show right now because the girls are being so weird so I’m combining three episodes into one. Then I will get back on track. The girls are more like guys this season. They are coming on strong. Picking fights. Cussing like sailors. Getting drunk. Chasing men. I don’t know what is going on here.

 Where’s The Beach?

Snooki gets so drunk in this episode that she gets arrested. This is the episode that we’ve heard about for a freakin’ year. I heard about it on the news last year. Now we get to see it up close and personal. It’s kind of a let down.

She doesn’t want to work. She wants to party. She hangs out with a middle-aged couple at a bar (I don’t even know what was going on there). Drinks too much. Then Deena and Jenni chase her all over the boardwalk until she makes a fallin’ down fool of herself on the beach. She yells at a cop. She gets arrested. That’s it.

 Jenni and Deena have a little trouble explaining to Snooki’s dad exactly what she was arrested for like maybe “public drunk” or “intoxicated in public.”

Also, Snooki and Sammi kinda make up. Sammi tries to be friends with Deena. Finally. No way with Jenni.

And, Mike and Vinnie pick up a ridiculous girl to share. But Vinnie doesn’t want to share. So … Deena offers herself to Mike. Mike doesn’t want Deena. Can this girl take a hint? Second show that he has tried to escape her.

Just yuck to all that.

Free Snooki

So somehow between the time Snooki gets arrested and the few hours before she is free from the horrible jail where she is “too pretty” to be … T-shirts with “Free Snooki” have been made for gang. I just couldn’t get a handle on the time lapse.

Deena picks up a guy who looks just like Ronnie and, we find out, Deena also seems to like girls. Who knew?

And, Jenni and boyfriend-back-home-Tom are having troubles because Jenni has reunited with a previous fling … Roger. Roger and Jenni sleep together, but “nothing happens.” She breaks up with Tom the next day. Tom, full of revenge, leaves her dogs to fend for themselves, steals her bed (what?) and, apparently, cleans out a few bank accounts. Jenni cries that she doesn’t deserve this sort of treatment.

But, she’s found a new love and hooked Snooki up with one, too. 

We’ll see how that all ends up.

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