Monday, January 10, 2011

Jersey Shore ... Back to the Shore

I have to begin blogging about "Jersey Shore" again, and let me just say ... this season's previews look like nothing but fighting between the girls and ... more Ron and Sammi drama. I'm not sure how much I can take.

There's a new girl ... Deena. She's a friend of Snooki's and they are similar in size and personality. It took her all of one night to get drunk, get into a bikini, come on to Vinnie, make a play for Mike, piss off Sammi, make Ron her enemy, and get naked. She's fun.

Sammi was coming off a little snooty with her reaction to the girls and her attempt to stay away from the party. I will attribute that to her insecurity about where she stands with them, and her inability to make amends. I think she wants to, but she doesn't know how. She asked Ron what to do but he's about as helpful as a pet bunny. Sammi, make peace with them. Please.

Mike is stuck sharing a room with Sammi and Ron, and honestly, I don't care if it is the "best room." Why in the world would they pick a room with three beds when there is a room with two beds? I don't get it. They are a couple ... they should want some privacy. That did not make sense to me or anyone else in the house.

Snooki wants Vinnie. Vinnie wants anyone. The rest of the gang wants to party. Mike pulled, what he called, "the eject" button when he was alone and faced with a naked Deena. Finally, he makes a smart move with a woman. Pauly D ... and Jenni surprisingly ... again seem the clearheaded ones in the house.

Let's go.

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