Monday, January 10, 2011

Fantasy Bachelor

I have watched "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" off and on. I did watch last year, and am going to make a go of it this year. The reason I am going to watch it this year is that a guy in my office, as a sort of gift to his fiancee (very creative and sweet), created a fantasy game that is somewhere between fantasy football and an NCAA playoff grid. You watch the first episode then stop watching right before the first rose ceremony. Then you rank the girls from 1 to 30 with girl No. 30 having the best chance to make it all the way and become a fiancee herself. I did pretty well and am in fourth place right now. I refuse to read any "spoilers" or anything that is going on the Internet (as did the rest of the group) ... so it will all be a surprise. A few of the girls I picked to stick around awhile, such as Jill, were out the first round. I also thought he might give Renee a chance to get to know him but out she went. One of the guys in my office picked Jill as the overall winner so he is a little peeved right now. He should be proud of himself for NOT understanding this show very well.

Our game's creator is in the lead right now. I am going to credit that to his taking an interest in something his future wife is interested in ... and making it a part of  his TV life. I love that.

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