Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teen Mom ... First Look

Teen Mom ... Secrets & Lies


In this episode, Maci is pursuing a relationship with Kyle, who she wants to have as her boyfriend, and in the same weekend, make him her baby’s daddy. Within 30 minutes of introducing her son to Kyle, she’s then forcing Bentley to give Kyle a kiss. Noooo. Don’t do it Maci….. Yes … Replay correct, she did force the kiss.
By the time the weekend with Kyle is over, she’s made them cuddle and poor put-upon Kyle has even had to change a diaper. Both Kyle and I are feeling the pressure to make this relationship … with Bentley … work. Forget Maci. That relationship seems secondary at this point.

Tyler & Catelynn

Now, why are they on this show again? She got pregnant. They gave the baby up for adoption and although it was a smart and selfless move, they are not parents. I’m bored with their teenage jealousy crap. She called her ex-boyfriend six times, and he wants the phone records to prove it! They argue. Text stupid things to each other. She cries. Asks for a hug. No way. Text again. Finally, the ripping up of the phone records and, as befits the teens they are, the littering (see mention of phone records). Yawn.


Farrah seems completely hapless. In the first scene, she’s organized a pathetic indoor Easter egg hunt for baby Sophia, sucked up and burned her living room curtains with her vacuum, and can’t figure out how to write a check. Then, to top it off, she wants to sell her car online and ends up getting taken for $3,000! Happy birthday to me!

I know but I know but I know that the producers and the cameramen and whoever was watching poor Farrah get scammed by the oldest scam in the book out of $3,000 had to have told her … DON’T DO IT. Really? They just let it happen? Do these girls get paid for this show? Farrah sold her car online for $5,000 and the “scammer” sent her a check for $8,000 and then had her wire him/her $3,000 from her own account to “ship”’ the car. Of course the check bounced and her money was gone. Her anxiety over the loss seemed real. While she’s on the phone to her bank trying to get her head around what just happened, her baby falls off the bed.

If anyone needs help, it’s Farrah.

Amber & Gary

I’m happy now. Gary wore a bunny suit for part of an episode. I don’t really have to explain the irony in that, do I? Amber tells him that she can’t talk to him while he’s wearing that “freakin’ getup” but there’s so many other issues that come to mind as Gary hops … then lays … around as Peter Cottontail.

Amber and Gary head to his mom’s house for Easter lunch, but there’s an argument and Amber leaves and walks home. Gary and baby Leah end up spending the night at his mom’s house after he kinda accuses Amber of being lazy. Pot meet kettle.

Amber is whiny and demanding and kinda lazy. Gary is lazy and worthless and jobless. I hope they stay together because I would hate for anyone else in the world to have to be with either one of them. Come on you two, work it out!

By the end of the show, it was all hugs and kisses between the couples.

Now, going back to the Jersey Shore in the next blog.

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