Friday, August 13, 2010

New Focus, New Blogs

Freedom! A year or so ago, I decided to start blogging and picked a subject I knew a lot about but a subject that didn't want to be "subjected" ... my children. So, I didn't blog much. They didn't like it, and I found myself a little bored with blogging. I was afraid to say too much.

Now, I'm changing my tune. I'm going to start blogging about something that my friends and I all find interesting ... reality TV. Not all the shows, but the shows that I personally watch. You won't find a play-by-play here but rather a running commentary on what this idiot said or that hoarder buried or what some poor wig-wearing 4-year-old was forced to mimic.

So, what shows might you read about here? Toddlers and Tiaras. Bridezillas. Hoarders ... whichever one is on and whichever one I am watching. The Hoarders show with the animal hoarders (it smells funny). Intervention (sometimes). Jersey Shore. Teen Mom. Maybe The Bachelor Pad ... although I haven't watched that one yet. I might even make a comment now and then on Say Yes To The Dress just because I love it ... but it's not really crazy, ridiculous TV.

You will read (as I shamelessly steal from Joel McHale) my Reality Show "Dip" of the Week each week. My favorite Reality Show moments of the week. And just general comments on who's interesting, funny, dangerous, outrageous and possibly contagious.

Keep reading. Tomorrow it's Jersey Shore.

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