Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jersey Shore .... The Letter

In this episode, right away, the gang is out partying. Not together, but still out paryting. Jenni and Snooki celebrate "gay pride" in Miami and Snooki calls her boyfriend, Emilio, when she gets home to tell him all about it. "I met some gay friends," she tells him. He does not want to hear about; they have a fight and then break up. She tells him, "I wish you would have told me who you were before I fell in love with you." OK, but logic tells the rest of the world that you usually get to know someone before you fall in love.

And, to seal the deal on the end of the love affair, she burns all his photos. That's that.

Now, the guys are out partying and end up back at the house with four girls ... three they chose and one who is a friend of one of the "hot girls." Mike sweetly calls the friend a "hippo." This is The Situation we love to hate. The guys come up with a plan to separate the first two girls (one for Vinny and one for Pauly D. ... they absolutely don't care who they end up with which is really messed up) ... and then Mike extracts the hot girl from the room where the hippo is falling asleep, puts the hippo to bed and leaves "the grenade" to blow up all by herself. This girl is the lucky one. They all end up in bed, each with a girl, and Mike's girl's name is "Kristen or Christine" ... he doesn't remember and doesn't care.

I'd be so proud if I was the mother of one of these girls. Used is not even the right term; they probably should just have been paid for their services.

Next day, the guys make dinner. Prior to that, the guys go shopping and leave the girls home alone. Angela is supposed to clean the kitchen, but she does not do it. Mike comes back, gets mad and calls her a "dirty mess" and then oh-so-kindly encourages her to hit the gym.

Mike, the softee (except when it comes to grenades, hippos, hyenas and women he is sleeping with), apologizes and all is well.

Jenni and Snooki decide to hide the note/letter they wrote to Sammi about Ronnie's wondering ways in her sock drawer or something. They just want her to know. Sammi finds the note and then confronts each roommate one by one trying to find out 1) who wrote it and 2) is it true? In the note, Ronnie is accused of getting phone numbers, picking up fat girls, etc. Sammi, finally showing a hint of a brain, realizes the guys are not going to rat out Ronnie. Vinny and Pauly D defend him saying they know nothing and saw nothing and Vinny warns Ronnie about the note.

When Sammi confronts Ronnie, he admits to getting a phone number but nothing else. He reads the letter and immediately knows it is Jenni and Snooki. He really thinks the note is from Jenni because the note uses the word "wisely" and he doesn't believe that word is in Snooki's vocabulary. Funny.

When Jenni, Snooki and Mike get home and actually read the letter, Mike thinks it is hilarious and basically tells Sammi it's all true.

Then, Sammi and Ronnie fight again (are you bored yet?) and she cries and then breaks up with him. He's sad about it until he turns around and leaves her room. Two seconds later, he's on the phone calling some "hometown honey" to come visit him in Miami.

"I'm so sick of this," says Ronnie. So are we.

Favorite Quote: From Snooki ... "Sympathetic ... the word of the day ... that's a big word."

Sammi: This girl really loves Ronnie. I feel for her, and I do not believe she is acting.

What I'm Wondering: What does DTF stand for?

AND: If these guys weren't so YUCK, they might be OK cause they can cook and they clean house. However, they are really sleazy ....

The Girls in General: Seem all right and are not out picking up strange men or anything disgusting ... yet. Sammi basically stays home and cries all the time. Angela follows the guys around like a lost puppy. Jenni and Snooki go out, but they go out to eat or to shop ... they look fairly tame this year.

Next up ... Bridezillas.

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