Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bridezillas on the Loose


Alex & Stephanie


You learn all you need to know about Alex, the 22-year-old loon with the even crazier family, in the first five minutes of the show. She made her poor, and maybe somewhat dimwitted, fiancé propose multiple times until he got it right. Oh Lord.

Alex is spoiled and selfish and wants her dream wedding even though they DO NOT have the money to finance it. She once again forces her fiancé to figure it out. So what does he do to pay for her extravagant needs? Takes out advances on his paycheck. Rent and food be damned. The girl needs flowers!

Speaking of flowers, Alex decides there is one way to streamline their budget … take a look at the who is getting flowers at the dream wedding. Sorry, stepmom. No flowers for you. And, she just saved poor Brian about $20! No wait, with this budget trick she just pulled, she can add more flowers to her own bridal bouquet. Sorry, Brian, back to the poorhouse.

Alex takes herself, her Section 8 mother and her screwball sister, Liz, along with a dozen or so of her favorite crackpots on the bachelorette busride from hell. During this ride, Alex’s sister, Liz, accidentally sits on Aex’s tiara. I’m waiting for Alex to put the sister’s head on a butcher block, but surprisingly enough, she’s fine with it. Mom however, tries to stir up trouble, so she tells a blatant lie to Liz that “people are saying” she did it on purpose. What people? For some unknown reason (maybe because it might get mom some air time??), mom does not want this to be an accident. So, there’s a fight and a lot of cussing and whatever.

Then, still on this nightmare busride, Alex’s sister, Liz, starts crying hysterically when one of the girls tries to show her a picture of her baby. Why? Because her brother used to date this girl, and they broke up. Again, why the tears? Then, we find out, Alex’s brother is kinda sleazy and has dated half the party bus, so why this one little baby picture is upsetting to Alex’s sister … we’ll never know.

I’m starting to believe Alex that her sister likes to start drama and wants to be the center of attention. Same with her mom.

The next day, Liz’s brother, Sean, shows up to confront everyone. Seems staged. Hmmmm ….

Enough of them.


I like Stephanie’s fiancé, DeBoris. As Stephanie is micromanaging everyone, he’s just a nice, normal guy. She keeps telling everyone to “Be on time” to the rehearsal dinner. We know why she is worried, almost everyone in the wedding party lives in Miami, but the wedding is in Orlando.

First up, the videographer can’t get a ride to the wedding. What kind of professional doesn’t have a car? I don’t understand.

Then, the day of the rehearsal dinner and two hours prior to the event, DeBoris tells Stephanie he is still in Miami. Hasn’t even left yet. She’s crying and upset, and he doesn’t even apologize. I’m feeling sorry for her. She goes to the rehearsal dinner without him and …lo and behold … there he is … with roses even. Gotta like this guy.

They get married, finally, with the vows they wrote themselves. A marriage made for TV.

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