Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer time

My daughter will be gone (for various reasons) for almost six weeks this summer. I thought my son would be away at school, but now it looks like he will be home for the summer. That's OK. It's a good time for him to think about his future, reconnect with family and friends, and then return renewed just in time for school to start.

Now, I was planning on enjoying my free time and doing exactly what I want, when I wanted and with whom I wanted to do it with ... now I'm a little less intoxicated thinking about my freedom because I won't be alone.

I think I made a mistake as a parent (OK, not just one, but this is one I am focusing on right now). I always put my children first, always. I never cared about what I wanted or needed when they were young. They are very used to being the center of my life, and I that is where they are comfortable. That is not their fault. I raised them that way.

Now, since my divorce and just because I want to do things for me, I think they struggle with having a mother that sometimes focuses on herself and is not always at their service 24/7. Should I back it up and go back to being that mom? Or is it OK to focus on me now that they are older? I struggle with that.

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