Monday, May 3, 2010

Running Away From Home

When one of my children hangs up on me in a fit of anger and the other declares I am a not-so-great mom (my words, not my child's) ... sometimes I just want to cast it all to the wind, jump in my car, forget the mortgage and head on down the road. I know it's a feelling all parents, probably all people, share at some point. Life is hard. Bills suck. People can be mean. Sometimes it's hard to know who your friends are and who they are not. And, everyone wonders, what would it be like to just start all over?

Would it be easy? Would I feel guilty leaving my children to fend for themselves? What would I miss? Who would I miss?

The answers to those questions are No. Yes. Not sure. My family.

We all fantasize about just walking away from our lives ... especially when things get hard. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I'm learning.

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