Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time Together

Between my jobs, my friends and my family, I'm pretty busy. My daughter stays busy with her school work, her job, her dedication to her school newspaper, and her busy social life. I am grateful for any time we get to spend together. Now that my son is away at college, he has not come home to visit yet although I've been to see him twice and my daughter and I are going to visit him again in two weeks. Time with my children is rare, and more precious.

My kids are older now and gone are the days of time at baseball games and dance recitals and forced evenings together. They have cars and lives of their own. And that's the way it should be. I want strong, independent children. Now, when we spend time together, it's because that's what we choose to do. My daughter and I enjoy some evenings out, certain evenings in watching TV shows together (The Office and American Idol) and just talking "girl talk." My son seems to like it when I come to visit and doesn't mind giving up a evening with the guys for an evening with mom.

And my kids are fun. They are interesting to talk to, they are intelligent ... and very funny ... people. I wish everyone could know them.

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