Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Annoying

No matter how old your children get, you still worry about them. I don't have to tell any parent or any child about that. If you are an adult, you know your parents still tell you to "drive carefully" or "save your money" or "brush your hair." Wait, that last one is probably only my mom.

My daughter, who is 16, takes my worrying or "nagging" as they call it just a little bit better than my 20-year-old son. She hasn't lived on her own yet so she is still used to it. She can take it. My son can't take it quite so well.

The weather is bad here today, and in preparation of that, I sent him several text messages yesterday to tell him what to do in bad weather. They ran along the lines of the following:

Don't drive in bad weather.

Then later:

Have you paid your bills? It's almost the first of the month. I sent you some stamps.

Then later:

Stay home. Do not drive.

Then even later:

Do you have food? I'm worried about you. Text me and let me know you are OK.

FINALLY, late last night, he sent me the following text:

Mom, quit texting me things I already know. It is the most annoying thing in the world.

I sent him the following text back.

I guess you are OK.

I was just happy to hear from him.

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