Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fixing Stuff

I now know where my screwdriver is, and I actually used it this morning. I own my home and there's no one here but me to fix things. My kids don't know how to do it, and although my stepfather can fix anything, he doesn't live close by and he's recovering from surgery still, so I've found the hammer, the screwdrivers (there's two types if you didn't know ... one is called a Phillips and it has a kind of "star" top and the other is a flathead screwdriver with, well, a flathead). Now, there may be others, but if you are a single mom with your own home, you probably just need these two. This morning I had to use the Phillips screwdriver to tighten up loose doorknobs. How sad is it that I am so proud of myself that I am blogging about it, but everytime I can do anything on my own, for myself, by myself ... it's all good.

What are other things that are helpful for single mom homeowners to have and/or know about?
1. Air filters for your heat/air system. These should be changed about 4 times per year.
2. Someone to do your yard/rake your leaves. It's worth it.
3. Extension cords.
4. Hammer & nails.
5. Deadbolt locks on all your doors.
6. Extra batteries and a flashlight.
7. Lightbulbs.
8. Jumper cables.
9. "No Soliciting" signs at your front door.
10. A friend who knows how to fix things. That would really help.

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